What is Digital Printing?

Printing digitally is the process of transferring an image or document from your computer onto printed media such as paper or vinyl. The image itself is split into 4 colours – cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK), as in traditional flexographic or lithographic printing, but the big difference with digital printing is that you do not need to produce a print plate for each colour. Instead, digital printing matches the colour and applies the ink directly to the print media. This means that the cost of print production can be greatly reduced, as it is the plates that often make up a large part of production costs.


The Benefits Of Digitally Printed Labels

Digital label printing allows a great amount of flexibility in the production process and it is ideal for short to medium print runs because the setup costs are drastically reduced. If you are printing a variety of label designs, perhaps for a range of products, or if you need to change the design frequently, then digital printing represents a cost effective option to deliver printed labels and stickers. Digitally printing labels also means production can easily be adapted to include variable data, such as personalised details or messages and bar codes and QR codes, which can be used for promotional marketing and events.

Our Printed Digital Labels

As specialist label printers we have invested in a high quality digital printing press to enable us to cater for a wide variety of digital label requirements. Our HP Indigo digital press allows us to match our customers exact print requirements without the traditionally incumbent costs of flexographic production. With this digital press we can match our production to suit our clients exact labeling requirements. This means that small and bespoke print runs suddenly become vastly more realistic; simply because of the versatility it brings to label printing and the reduction it creates in printing costs.

Our ability to produce high grade digitally printed self adhesive labels allows us to meet our customers printing needs and exceed their expectations without compromising on the quality of the finished product. We currently produce digitally printed labels in bespoke designs for food and drink packaging, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and electrical products.

If you have a small production requirement, or are in need of variable data on your labels, why not speak to one of our production team about how we can help you?

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