Barcode Label Printing

Corporate Supplies specialise in printing security labels which enable business operations to track and maintain the integrity of their products through their distribution channels. This enables our clients to reduce their costs by helping to identify and eradicate the misuse or abuse of their products during the supply chain process.

All of our printed security labels can be produced either as sheets or on reels and are available with a choice of finishes including varnishing and lamination, and adhesives including: permanent, peelable, and freezer proof adhesives.

Our security label printing service can produce:

Barcode Labels

At Corporate Supplies we provide barcode labelling to aid our client’s automated supply chain systems. Our barcode labelling system forms performs an intricate part of ensuring the secure tracking stock through distribution and retail networks, allowing companies to apply their resources accordingly.

Variable Data Labelling

As an alternative or addition to barcode labelling we can provide variable data labelling. Our system enables labels to be printed with altering or sequential data to suit your business requirements. This can range from simple sequential numbering, to colour and size variants depending on your specific business requirements enabling you to produce labels for a range of products or services.

Tamper Evident Labelling

Our tamper evident labels are used where security is the most important factor. Tamper evident labelling is a security measure enables your company to protect both itself and your clients from tampering with products. They are a used as visible deterrent and protection from theft, or to prevent and reveal that tampering has occurred. If these labels are tampered with, evidence such as a void mark is revealed to prove that the labels had at some point been tampered with. They most commonly used in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries as part of product packaging to help maintain the integrity of products and give the end-user the added reassurance that the item they are about to use has not be tampered with. They can also be used to protect electronic and mechanical equipment such as IT and CCTV equipment, box seals and enclosures.

Ultra Destructible Labels and Seals

Our ultra destructible labels are another from of tamper evident labelling that consists of a very brittle substrate that is prone to tearing and that is bonded with an aggressive adhesive. If an attempt is made to remove the labelling, the label itself will disintegrate and break into pieces; giving evidence that tampering has occurred by effectively breaking the seal.

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